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Chen Chun-Cheng was born in 1979, who has been exposed to the commercial photography work

 for over 22 years and is experienced in wedding album, photo album and commercial photography fields.

With the easy-going and humorous personalities and laugh-loving and communicative natures, 

Chen-- a shutterholic,  thoroughly shifts the stereotype of famous international photographer. 

He truely convinced that "photography attitude" is everything when making photographs. 

"It's the spirit that counts." is Chen's life motto

and that's why he deeply treasures the experience and gains at each stage.

Turning these experiences into energy for improvement

and expecting for more and more excellent

and outstanding fashion photos.

For more works and portfolio, please visit www.shumphoto.com.

交易/付款方式:ATM转帐, 电汇

主要服务地区:港澳, 大陆, 东南亚, 日韩, 全国地区